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Enhanced Olivine Carbonation within a Basalt as Compared to Single-Phase Experiments: Reevaluating the Potential of CO2 Mineral Sequestration

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  • Sissmann, Olivier
  • Brunet, Fabrice
  • Martinez, Isabelle
  • Guyot, Francois
  • Verlaguet, Anne
  • Pinquier, Yves
  • Daval, Damien
ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Volume: 48 Issue: 10 Pages: 5512-5519 Published: 2014
0013-936X eISSN: 1520-5851

Batch experiments were conducted in water at 150 C and P-CO2 = 280 bar on a Mg-rich tholeiitic basalt (9.3 wt % MgO and 12.2 wt % CaO) composed of olivine, Ti-magnetite, plagioclase, and clinopyroxene. After 45 days of reaction, 56 wt % of the initial MgO had reacted with CO2 to form Fe-bearing magnesite, (Mg0.8Fe0.2)CO3, along with minor calcium carbonates. The substantial decrease in olivine content upon carbonation supports the idea that ferroan magnesite formation mainly follows from olivine dissolution. In contrast, in experiments performed under similar run durations and P/T conditions with a San Carlos olivine separate (47.8 wt % MgO) of similar grain size, only 5 wt % of the initial MgO content reacted to form Fe-bearing magnesite. The overall carbonation kinetics of the basalt was enhanced by a factor of ca. 40. This could be explained by differences in the chemical and textural properties of the secondary silica layer that covers reacted olivine grains in both types of sample. Consequently, laboratory data obtained on olivine separates might yield a conservative estimate of the true carbonation potential of olivine-bearing basaltic rocks.

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[Sissmann, Olivier; Martinez, Isabelle] Univ Paris Diderot, Sorbonne Paris Cite, Inst Phys Globe Paris, CNRS,UMR 7154, F-75005 Paris, France; [Sissmann, Olivier; Pinquier, Yves] Ecole Normale Super, CNRS, Geol Lab, UMR 8538, F-75005 Paris, France; [Sissmann, Olivier] IFP Energies Nouvelles, F-92852 Rueil Malmaison, France; [Brunet, Fabrice] Univ Grenoble 1, CNRS, Inst Sci Terre, UMR 5275, F-38400 St Martin Dheres, France; [Guyot, Francois] Univ Paris 06, Museum Natl Hist Nat, CNRS, Inst Mineral Phys Mat & Cosmochim,UMR 7590, F-75005 Paris, France; [Verlaguet, Anne] Univ Paris 06, ISTeP, UMR 7193, F-75005 Paris, France; [Daval, Damien] Univ Strasbourg, UMR 7517, CNRS, Lab Hydrol & Geochim Strasbourg,EOST, F-67084 Strasbourg, France; [Verlaguet, Anne] CNRS, ISTeP, UMR 7193, F-75005 Paris, France

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Sissmann, O (reprint author), Univ Paris Diderot, Sorbonne Paris Cite, Inst Phys Globe Paris, CNRS,UMR 7154, 1 Rue Jussieu, F-75005 Paris, France.

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  • Ecole et Observatoire des sciences de la Terre (EOST), UMS830
  • Institut de Minéralogie, de Physique des Matériaux et de Cosmochimie (IMPMC), UMR7590
  • Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (IPGP), UMR7154
  • Institut des Sciences de la Terre (ISTerre), UMR5275
  • Institut des Sciences de la Terre Paris (iSTeP), UMR7193
  • Laboratoire d'Hydrologie et de Géochimie de Strasbourg (LHyGeS), UMR7517
  • Laboratoire de Géologie de l'Ecole Normale Supérieure, UMR8538
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