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Entering the anthropocene: 'Geonauts' or sorcerer's apprentices?

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  • Sachs, Ignacy
SOCIAL SCIENCE INFORMATION SUR LES SCIENCES SOCIALES Volume: 50 Issue: 3-4 Pages: 462-471 Published: 2011

The Second Earth Summit to be held in Rio de Janeiro in 2012 will coincide with the ratification by the International Commission on Stratigraphy of the concept of a new geological era, the anthropocene. This term emphasizes the acknowledgement of the increasing impact of human intervention on the future of the Spaceship Earth. Humanity is thus at a crossroads and we need, more than ever, to abide by the principle of responsibility. We must mobilize ourselves to learn how to speedily mitigate deleterious climate change without losing sight of the urgent need to reduce the abyssal social disparities. The immediate imperative is to propose long-term development strategies to go hand in hand with an aggiornamento of long-term democratic planning. Such strategies must rely on two pillars: food security and energy security. Last but not least, the United Nations ought to take advantage of the forthcoming Earth Summit to set in motion a global transition towards a socially inclusionary and environmentally sustainable path.

Author Keyword(s)
  • aggiornamento of democratic planning
  • anthropocene
  • climate change
  • Earth Summit Rio 2012
  • evergreen revolution
  • food and energy security
  • green economy and social inclusion
  • principle of responsibility
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  • Social Sciences
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  • Information Science & Library Science
  • Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary

EHESS, Ctr Rech Bresil Contemporain, F-75013 Paris, France

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Sachs, I (reprint author), EHESS, Ctr Rech Bresil Contemporain, 190 Ave France, F-75013 Paris, France.

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