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The Coral Sea: Physical Environment, Ecosystem Status and Biodiversity Assets

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  • Ceccarelli, Daniela M.
  • McKinnon, A. David
  • Andrefouet, Serge
  • Allain, Valerie
  • Young, Jock
  • Gledhill, Daniel C.
  • Flynn, Adrian
  • Bax, Nicholas J.
  • Beaman, Robin
  • Borsa, Philippe
  • Brinkman, Richard
  • Bustamante, Rodrigo H.
  • Campbell, Robert
  • Cappo, Mike
  • Cravatte, Sophie
  • D'Agata, Stephanie
  • Dichmont, Catherine M.
  • Dunstan, Piers K.
  • Dupouy, Cecile
  • Edgar, Graham
  • Farman, Richard
  • Furnas, Miles
  • Garrigue, Claire
  • Hutton, Trevor
  • Kulbicki, Michel
  • Letourneur, Yves
  • Lindsay, Dhugal
  • Menkes, Christophe
  • Mouillot, David
  • Parravicini, Valeriano
  • Payri, Claude
  • Pelletier, Bernard
  • de Forges, Bertrand Richer
  • Ridgway, Ken
  • Rodier, Martine
  • Samadi, Sarah
  • Schoeman, David
  • Skewes, Tim
  • Swearer, Steven
  • Vigliola, Laurent
  • Wantiez, Laurent
  • Williams, Alan
  • Williams, Ashley
  • Richardson, Anthony J.
ADVANCES IN MARINE BIOLOGY, VOL 66 Bokk Series: Advances in Marine Biology Volume: 66 Pages: 213-290 Published: 2013

The Coral Sea, located at the southwestern rim of the Pacific Ocean, is the only tropical marginal sea where human impacts remain relatively minor. Patterns and processes identified within the region have global relevance as a baseline for understanding impacts in more disturbed tropical locations. Despite 70 years of documented research, the Coral Sea has been relatively neglected, with a slower rate of increase in publications over the past 20 years than total marine research globally. We review current knowledge of the Coral Sea to provide an overview of regional geology, oceanography, ecology and fisheries. Interactions between physical features and biological assemblages influence ecological processes and the direction and strength of connectivity among Coral Sea ecosystems. To inform management effectively, we will need to fill some major knowledge gaps, including geographic gaps in sampling and a lack of integration of research themes, which hinder the understanding of most ecosystem processes.

Author Keyword(s)
  • Tropical sea
  • Ecosystem function
  • Connectivity
  • Food web
  • Pristine ecosystems
  • Collaborative research
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ESI Discipline(s)
  • Plant & Animal Science
Web of Science Category(ies)
  • Marine & Freshwater Biology

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Ceccarelli, DM (reprint author), POB 215, Magnetic Isl, Qld, Australia.

  • Australia
  • France
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
CNRS - Adress(es)
  • Ecologie des systèmes marins côtiers (ECOSYM), UMR5119
  • GEOAZUR, UMR7329
  • Institut Méditerranéen d'Océanographie (MIO), UMR7294
  • Laboratoire d'Océanographie et du Climat : Expérimentations et Approches Numériques (LOCEAN), UMR7159
  • Laboratoire d'études en Géophysique et océanographie spatiales (LEGOS), UMR5566
  • Observatoire midi-Pyrénées (OMP), UMS831
  • Observatoire océanologique de Banyuls sur Mer, UMS2348
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