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Climate changes impact on pollinosis

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  • Richard, P.
REVUE FRANCAISE D ALLERGOLOGIE Volume: 51 Issue: 4 Pages: 425-429 Published: 2011

Today, climatologists and biologists are wondering if climate change will have an incidence on our environment, in particular on the plant landscape. None of them would even imagine savanna replacing one day the Mediterranean forest. First of all, it seems sensible not to interpret microclimatic variations (neither within the time nor in the space) as manifestations of the macroclimate evolution, where several factors interact. On the other hand, when you listen to practitians, there is an increasing prevalence and one can notice a modification in the scale of the made sensitive subjects' ages which can strikingly interfere on the effect of a potential climate change. Then, a rather difficult variable to understand is the impact of a climatic variation on the behavior of a given botanical species. Indeed each population, in a same taxon, owns an ecological amplitude, that is to say a room for maneuver in terms of adaptation to a climate change. Thus, it is not very rational to predict for each region that plant landscape will completely change, but on the contrary, one must take into consideration the fact that some modifications can have an incidence on the pollinosis: the Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) could become allergenic out of the Mediterranean zone. At the moment, it is present outside but non-active. The Ambroisia (Ambrosia artemisiifolia) as well does not cause any problem outside the Rhone corridor on our territory. This situation can be modified by elevating or changing the amplitude of temperatures but also by the variation of the humidity rate. The case of allergenic plants will be considered as well as their behavior according to the climate in the different regions. The multiplicity of the factors to be considered shows that the climate change is only one of them amongst all the others, with no effect on the short term but probably to be taken into account on the century scale. (C) 2011 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

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